Timeshift9 and Peter Ballard are preventing ROBERT BROKENSHIRE Wikipedia from being edited – SCANDAL!

Look at this article:


You will find it magically dissapears if you go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Robert_Brokenshire to view the most reecnt version

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Timeshift9, Peter Ballard from Wikipedia accused of anti-Liberal sentimentalisms

Timeshift9 POV query

I now understand what you mean. The word ‘defecting’ should not have been removed. I have looked through some of your history of edits and have noticed you removed these comments from the Mike Rann discussion page.
You seem to be doing a lot of edits on the Mike Rann article. Are you sure you aren’t somehow affiliated with him? There is a NPOV policy on Wikipedia. This is in perspective of the amount of “media advisors” he has. Wikipedia is not a publicity tool. –Amylee243 (talk) 07:44, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Don’t worry too much about it mate, I seem to be having a similar problem too. Just make sure you keep an eye out for the edits by Timeshift203.122.240.136 (talk) 05:54, 8 August 2008 (UTC)
That comment isn’t even worth a reply. No I am not affiliated with any political person or party. Go away. Timeshift (talk) 07:49, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

It’s true. Go onto the history of the Mike Rann page. Edit after edit is made by you, and as soon as there is negative content you remove it. I’ve put it up for Point-Of-View Check.-Xx teebone xx (talk) 07:54, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Yes, I do a lot of edits in a lot of places. I’ve been on here for years and am well-known. Review my edits apart from the week, completely encyclopedia-building. My full list of all edits in chronological order is here. The edits in the past week suffer from issues with WP:VWP:POVWP:RECENT, and WP:BLP. Wikipedia is not a place for Advertiser opinions and criticisms. This is a biography of Mike Rann. His policy successes and failures are in the legacy section of the 2006 election page. Add the POV tag if you have criticisms with content in the article, but at the moment it is completely arbitrary and without merit. Timeshift (talk) 07:56, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Just don’t do common reverts like you did here (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Mike_Rann&diff=prev&oldid=218002719).-Media.miss (talk) 10:46, 27 June 2008 (UTC)
Timeshift9, why did you remove this edit made by User: – “Particularly recently, following the 2008 doctors and teachers disputes relating to conditions and pay, Mike Rann has been accused of being a so called “Good News Premier”. Running and riding when there are controversial issues come up or concessions need to be made.”[1] This is referenced from The Advertiser.-Idea-5000 (talk) 08:17, 26 June 2008 (UTC)
I realize that those comments were followed by an article lock. Just find your WP:POV interesting, also noting your selective inclusion of anti-Liberal articles on your page [1] [2]. And rest assured, I will stay away from WP:POV now that I understand what is in dispute, namely the “defecting”. Furthermore, I will attempt to gain WP:CONSENSUS on this talk page as you have suggested. ID9283672385 (talk) 08:49, 29 July 2010 (UTC)
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Timeshift9 – Peter Ballard from Wikipedia – Who they are and how they work for Mike Rann

Gee, look at that!

Seems like it was true, Brokenshire is indeed replacing Evans! Timeshift (talk) 01:55, 31 March 2008 (UTC)

It was in the news a week or two ago. I’d much prefer to use an independent news source, but all I could find was the press release on the official FF site. Peter Ballard (talk) 02:14, 31 March 2008 (UTC)
Indeed. I seem to recall a convo several months ago on this… Timeshift (talk) 03:57, 31 March 2008 (UTC)


Timeshift9 (talk), out of curiosity, are you from the SA Parliament? I just find it interesting you “recall” a conversation regarding Robert Brokenshire’s replacement of Evans, as if you were a Parliamentary member/assistant. ID9283672385 (talk) 08:25, 29 July 2010 (UTC)

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Independent sources of information about ROBERT BROKENSHIRE

Non primary sourced content

I’m also compiling a list of non-official sourced content, particularly relating to policy. It seems non-noteworthy if it hasn’t even been newsworthy. Feel free to add to this:

  • [1] Brokenshire is pushing for proper driving training for the young, including developing a driver-training track, which could similarly used for “rev-heads” to take their aggression out on.
  • [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] Applications under FoI Act which may be relevant to claims of independence
  • [12] Attacks on Rann spending to reduce spending
  • [13] This article is a good reference for his switch to the FFP from the Libs
  • [14] Labor’s use of the FFP brand to steal votes from Libs
  • [15] Brokenshire’s comments on Sandra Kanck’s one-child policy
  • [16] Policy recommendations on solar panels and electric cars for renewable energy
  • [17] Family First’s attempt to introduce an ICAC (independent corruption commission) to South Australia
  • [18] Police in schools program
  • [19] The pressing need to coerce big businesses to reduce water consumption
  • [20] Increasing police presence
  • [21] Attempt with civil rights lawyer George Mancini to increase police transparency to make Secret Police Commissioner reports public
  • [22] Setting up the taxi committee
  • [23] Forcing national takeover of the River Murray
  • [24] Build police academy at Cheltenham
  • [25] Statements Rann has turned his back on disabled
  • [26] Call for a $1bn rural fund after years of neglect under Labor of rural and regional South Australia
  • [27] Revelation of Rann’s legislation to get FoI on Liberal candidates, but not on Labor policy
  • [28] Opposition to major parties ploughing $700K per campaign electorate
  • [29] Forcing increased sittings for Parliament
  • [30] Better protection for police
  • [31] Legislating two year for jail smugglers
  • [32] Opposition to the abolition of the legislative council

Maybe others would like to add freely. ID9283672385 (talk) 08:23, 29 July 2010 (UTC)

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Recommended changes to Robert Brokenshire Wikipedia page

Recommended changes

To prevent an “edit war”, I’m including recommended changes to this page:

  • MLC JP as honorary titles
  • He states his personal mission as putting people and families first, and governments who seek power and control second. -As indexed from http://www2.parliament.sa.gov.au/Internet/DesktopModules/memberdrill.aspx?pid=3489
  • His roles in ministry:
    • Minister for Police, Correctional Services & Emergency Services
    • Minister for Gambling
    • Minister for Volunteers
    • Shadow Minister for Health
  • His committee memberships:
    • Public Works Committee – Member
    • Select Committee on the Emergency Services Levy – Member
    • Families SA Committee – Member
    • Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee – Member
    • Budget and Finance Committee – Member
    • Taxi Industry in South Australia – Chairperson
    • Certain Matters Relating to Horse Racing in South Australia – Member
    • Natural Resources Committee – Member —Preceding unsigned comment added by ID9283672385 (talk • contribs) 07:55, 29 July 2010 (UTC)
Can you please familiarise yourself with wikipedia policies. “He states his personal mission as putting people and families first, and governments who seek power and control second” – this WP:POV is plainly unacceptable, not to mention it’s from a primary source which tends not to be a WP:RS. I’d also mention WP:COI to you. Thanks. Timeshift (talk) 08:04, 29 July 2010 (UTC)
It is ridiculous to suggest there is WP:COI. I am not in any way associated with Family First nor Robert Brokenshire. However, I am disinclined to your status quo reversions. As I have read, there is a assume good faith policy too.ID9283672385(talk) 08:23, 29 July 2010 (UTC)

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